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Angel numbers appear to us as we go about our daily activities. You may encounter them on contact details, clocks, street numbers, license plates, addresses, store receipts, bills; virtually anywhere you look. Usually, you will spot these numbers several times over a short period. Seeing an angel number in dreams or in everyday life, like when you look at a clock or read some pages of a book, means that the spiritual authorities are watching over you and want to give you some guidance or a reminder to help you change and grow into a better individual. 

So each candle in this Collection was inspired by those instances when you see your Angel show up through Angel #'s & each candle will give a brief description of that number.  Your candle also comes with a playlist to download that includes over 2 hours of music to enjoy while you burn your candle and read more on the Angel number you have chosen.  I hope you enjoy this Collection as I am very proud of all the work that went into creating this Collection.

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